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I introduced the new website along with the new computer reading and math work stations yesterday.  The kids were sooooooo excited.  They were of course very excited to see their pictures!  They loved the websites too.  Everything went great, but my XTenda doesn't always do as it is suppose to.  So, with the last rotation group, there was a few problems.  I had it planned to reverse rotations today, so that group could enjoy the new websites since they got shorted yesterday.  However, Skip the Magic Guy came today for an assembly. That wiped out our station time.  Five students did get to take advantage of the math stations today though.  I plan to let 5 new students use them each day until everyone gets a chance.  Then I will start again next week with a similar rotation.  Money has proved a challenging concept with my second graders, so I hope if they have a computer at home they are practicing there as well.  Other students worked in partners after our whole group lesson on counting change.   
We continued today with our mystery unit.  We used this website: http://kids.mysterynet.com/ to work on our Case Study today.  We are doing it together so that the students will have an idea of how to do this independently later in the unit.  These mysteries are also great because they are shorter than a mystery book and we can do this in short 20-30 min. increments.  We didn't get finished with the Case Study, but plan to wrap it up in about 5 minutes tomorrow.
We talked about the string instrument family in detail today.  The students enjoyed learning 6 new facts about the strings and comparing the different pictures of the instruments. 
Do you ever feel like there's so much to teach and tell the kids and not enough time to do it in?  I am starting to feel that way more and more.  This is such a smart little class and they love new information!  We are really trying to work on thinking skills. 
Alexa Dempsey
1/26/2010 08:50:36 am

I am loving this website! It is so fun!

Mrs. Protz
1/26/2010 10:54:28 am


I am so glad you are enjoying it! I will be adding more soon!

2/2/2010 08:44:09 am



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Teaching, Second Grade, Learning, Work Stations, Reading, Math, Math Work Stations, Reading, Work Stations